Booking DVDs and Videos

Students and staff can book DVDs and videos from the Selkirk College Library, or from another library's collection, to show for a particular date.

Booking a DVD from Another Libraries Collection

If you would like to show a DVD in your class that is NOT included in the Selkirk Library collection, please use the External DVD Booking form. Library staff will try their best to fill your request. You will be contacted in the event your DVD cannot be booked.

Booking a DVD from the Selkirk College Library Collection

1. From the Library’s homepage (, search for the item that you want to book. For example, type “Food, Inc.” or “Bevel Up” into the search bar.

2. When you have located the item that you wish to book, click on the title.

3. Once you are looking at the detailed record, select the “Book Item” link in the red bar near the top of the screen:

Screen shot of Book Item for DVD Booking instructions

4. Enter your User ID (your student number/Library card number) and your Pin number (the last 4 digits of your student number/Library card number).

5. Select “Set Booking Date/Time” (located at bottom of page).

6. Choose the calendar widget located beside the “Start day/time” box:

Calendar screen shot for booking instructions

7. Enter the time that you want to pick up the item.

** IMPORTANT ** You must choose the time before selecting the day

** IMPORTANT ** Please select your time using the 24 hour clock. For example, to pick up your item in the morning, enter 08:00. To pick up your item in the afternoon, enter 14:00 (2:00 pm).

Bookings screen shot for choosing a start and end time

8. Choose the day that you want to pick up the item.

9. Repeat steps 6-8 for selecting the end time of your booking (“End day/time” field).

10. Indicate which Library you will pick the material up at:

screen shot of pick up library for bookings instructions

11. Click “Book Item” to complete your booking. You will receive a confirmation email from the Library.


Do you require all the discs in a DVD set? Use one of the options below:

OPTION 1:  The online booking system requires that each copy in a set of bookable items be booked individually. For example, to book both seasons of Rome on DVD, go through steps 1-11 above for each of the items.

OPTION 2:  Use the Booking Multiple Items request form. Library staff will complete your booking and you will receive a confirmation email.


Item already booked during the requested period

If you receive the following message, the item you want is already booked for another user. You will have to select an alternate booking date.

The media desk is closed

If you receive the following message, you have started or ended your booking on a date when the Library is closed. Choose to start and end your booking during hours when the library is open.