Loan Policy for AV Equipment

The Selkirk College Library has AV equipmentavailable for short-term loan to students, faculty and staff. This service is not available to alumni, or community borrowers. A listing of the equipment we have for loan can be viewed here.


  • Only current Selkirk College students, faculty, and staff whose Library accounts are in good standing can borrow equipment.
  • A Selkirk ID is required to check out any equipment.
  • Loans are on a first-come first-served basis.
  • By checking out AV equipment you agree to the loan agreement (see Loan Waiver).
  • All items (charger and protective cover where required) must be returned at the same time and handed to a staff member so it can be removed from your library account.
  • AV equipment may be taken out of the library.
  • Patrons who return equipment after the due date will accrue late fines (see Loan Waiver).
  • Patrons who do not return the equipment will be billed for the replacement cost 7 days after the due date.


  • We strongly advise you not to leave the equipment unattended. If stolen or lost, you will be responsible for its replacement.
  • Report any problems with the equipment to the library staff when you return it.
  • With all AV equipment, any documents, photographs, recordings etc. created on or transferred to the device while in the users possession will be erased from the device after its return.
  • The library is not responsible for storing, transferring or backing up data on the equipment.
  • Any additional apps or media purchased by you during the loan period must be done with your own funds, and is not the responsibility of the Library. These apps will be available via your personal iTunes account (or other similar account) and can be downloaded again when needed.


  • Printing is not directly available from equipment.


  • You must return the AV equipment to the Selkirk College Library at one of the following locations: Castlegar, Silver King, or Tenth Street.
  • Do not put the equipment in a book drop.
  • All items (equipment, charger and protective cover when included) must be returned at the same time and handed to a staff member so it can be removed from your library account.
  • If the equipment is returned after the due date, overdue fines will accrue. If the equipment is not returned, replacement charges will be assessed.


By checking out the AV Equipment you agree to the Loan Waiver. Please read it carefully before check out. Please note that you will be responsible for any damage or replacement fees, up to the full replacement cost of the device and/or the accessories.