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Background Information

There are many resources available in the Library to guide you in your learning and research. These are a few of the select reference titles available through the Library or online. Please check the Library catalogue and our database collection for more books, articles, and reference works.


Drug Information

Terminology and Diagnosis


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Article Databases

 Recommended databases for nursing include:

More database can be found at Research Databases > Health & Medicine

A complete list of databases can be accessed from our homepage:  FIND > Research Databases

Journal Titles

These are just a few of the many health- and nursing-related journals that you can access online or through Selkirk College Library. Click on the links to see where you can find these journals.

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E-books are available from Selkirk College Library. For more health-related e-literature, browse these collections to read books online, or to download free books to your computer or e-reader

Web Sites

There is a wealth of valuable material on nursing and the health sciences available online. These select web sites contain useful nursing-related resources such as medical videos, nursing theory guides, career information and more.

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Assignment and Nursing Exam Help

There are many resources available in the library and online to help you with your class assignments and your Nursing licensing examinations.


  • Nursing Documentation: Charting, Recording and Reporting WY 100.5 E29 N 1994


  • CNA Code of Ethics ONLINE
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing WY 85 K428 E 2010
  • Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing WY 85 B766 2010
  • Ethics in Canadian Nursing Practice WY 85 O12E 2009

Evidence-Based Practice

Literature Reviews

Nursing Practice Standards

Nursing Theory

  • Current Nursing: Nursing Theories ONLINE
  • Nursing Theories: The Base for Professional Nursing Practice WY 86 N873 2002
  • Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application WY 86 N875 2001
  • Perspectives on Nursing Theory WY 86 P476 2004

Practical and Registered Nursing Exams

Research and Writing Guides

Writing guides are provided by the library for you to use during every stage of the research and writing process. Take a look if you want to improve your research, reading, and writing skills. You can also visit the Writing Centre, located in the library, if you need extra help.

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