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Citation & Style Guides: Citation Tools

A collection of Selkirk's citation resources

There are many tools available to help you create and manage citations.

Tips: Be sure to review any citations generated with a tool. You may need to make corrections. Citation tools may be using a different edition of a citation style guide than those on the Library website.

  • Library Databases:  Most library databases will have a “Cite” or “Citation” tool. Use this to generate a citation for the source.
  • Word Processing Software:  MS Word and other word processing software may include citation management tools. In MS Word, look under the “References” tab.


Quick Guide to Zotero

What is Zotero

  • A free, easy to use tool to help you collect, manage, and cite your research for your assignments.
  • Zotero works with MS Word to generate in text notes and bibliographic citations.

Installing Zotero

  • Visit and download the stand alone Zotero application as well as the connector for the internet browser that you use.

Using Zotero – Adding Items to your Library

  • Once you have Zotero installed on your computer be sure to open it from your desktop. You can create a login if you would like to sync your library if you are working with multiple computers (each computer will have to have Zotero installed). For more information see:
  • When searching the library catalogue for books, databases for articles, or the internet for various resources you will see an icon on your menu bar that resembles either a piece of paper or a book; this is the Zotero icon. Click on it and it will add it to your Zotero library.


  • You will see a box pop up showing that the item is saving to your library.



  • Open Zotero and you will see the item now in your library.


  • Another method for adding items to your library is to drag and drop. If you have a pdf of an article saved on your computer simply drag and drop it into your Zotero library. When it creates a citation be sure to double check it to make sure it includes all of the proper information for that source.


Generating a Note or Bibliographic Citation

  • Right click on the item in your library and choose create bibliography from item. Choose the style you are working with: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. and click on either citations or bibliography depending if you want to use it as an in text citation or for your bibliography. Select copy to clipboard and then past it into your document.


  • Be sure to double check the formatting and punctuation of your citation to make sure it is correct.

Using Zotero in Word

  • Cutting and pasting citations and bibliographic entries is the simplest way to use Zotero. However you can also use the Zotero plugin for Microsoft Word. Once you download Zotero it will automatically install into Word and you should see it at the top of the menu bar.

  • To add a citation or bibliography in Word click on Zotero, a new menu bar will appear.

  • If you want to add an in text citation into your paper click add/edit citation. A Zotero search box will pop up. Search for any of your items in your library and then click on it and hit enter. The {citation} will auto fill in with the in text citation, ex.: (Wylie, 2014).

  • If you want to add a bibliography make sure you have placed citations in your paper first. Hit enter a number of times in your Word document so you begin a new page. Place your cursor where you would like the first entry of your bibliography to go. Once your entry is in your document double check it for proper formatting and punctuation. If you have to edit the entry click unlink citations. This will remove the Zotero coding.

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